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And now she is pissed at me because her mom and I were waiting for her so we could all watch doctor who. The reason we waited was because she said she would be quick about hanging laundry. Well she asked me why I made her and her mom wait. And I explained why. I really want to scream. Can I just be done?

Oh and now she asked me to change it from doctor who, THE DOCTOR SHE WANTED TO WATCH, to a pbs show.

I feel really fucking great right now.

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I showed my step mom a video of Misha Collins and his son. I thought it was cute, she kept saying she would have smacked the crap out of him and didn’t see why I thought it was cute and funny. She normally loves when little kids do things but this just really pissed her off. It made me mad that she was talking like that. Oh well I cant control her, but I still feel it was kinda mean to say that to me about something that I thought she would like.

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no but imagine Natasha having to take these photos for this damn cover like there’s a professional photographer and everything and she almost kinda enjoys it but then she realises Clint has snuck into the studio and is laughing his ass off in the corner but he’s also kind of turned on even though he would never ever admit it and five seconds after that photo above was taken she was chasing him out of the studio in her lacy underwear threatening to kill him with her bare hands

This is canon okay.

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